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The following instructions installs iviewHD on a zgemma H2S running openatv 5.3 and wooshbuild 5 using the plugin extension file


Two files exist depending on which chipset you have!!

1--Link for download which your box is Enigma2 system(chipset is Broadcom): 

2--Link for download which your box is Enigma2 system(chipset is ST):

Check your openatv version on zgemma using the remote control:

Menu -> Info Panel -> Infos -> Systeminfo -> Image Version

Look for openatv and 5.3 ( pic 1 )

Check cpu on zgemma

Menu -> Info Panel -> Infos -> Systeminfo -> CPU

Look for CPU model - should say Broadcom or ST ( pic 2 )

Download the appropriate install file onto a USB stick.

Put stick into the front USB port on the zgemma box and an automatic dialogue box should pop up of screen saying:

The following files were found
Install extensions ( pic 3 )

Hit OK button on remote

You should see your file extension name. Hit OK to tick the box and hit green button on remote control to install ( pic 4 )

You will see dialogue box saying installing software and a DONE message when it has completed ( pic 5 )

The zgemma box should reboot. If not use Exit button to exit all way out, remove USB stick and reboot zgemma using white button at bottom right hand at rear of the box. You will see the wooshbuild as the box boots up ( pic 6 )

To access iviewHD press MENU button on remote control and you should see the iviewHD panel in the bottom left hand corner - scroll to that panel and hit OK on the remote ( pic 7 )

If it detects that it needs upgrading an automatic upgrade will initiate and complete ( pic 8 )

Restart the zgemma box as above after upgrade completes.

Access ivieHD by pressing
MENU button on remote control and you should see the iviewHD panel in the bottom left hand corner - scroll to that panel and hit OK on the remote

You will see the following Login message:

Login success. Please wait to get channels ( pic 9 )

You will then see a Channel Selection Screen ( pic 10 )

Hit OK on UK

This will bring you into a screen where you have to enter in the IPTV code given to you by your IPTV supplier.

Use the alpha / numeric buttons to enter your code ( pic 11 ) - you will see you code being entered from right to left. Once code entered press green button on remote control to activate.

If entered successfully you will get a list of channels ( pic 12 ). Use your arrow keys to scroll to a paid channel like skysports news and hit OK. To view the channel list again hit the UP arrow on the remote control.

To exit iviewHD just hit exit button on remote to exit back to your sky skin.