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Useful Information

Kodi Not Finding Sites

My internet supplier Virgin seem to be blocking some add-on's from working what can I do?
A. If you have Virgin as your internet supplier you will first need to disable your Web Safe. Log in to your My Virgin Account and disable it or you will be limited to what you can view. Information how to do it is  HERE

Q. My internet supplier BT seem to be blocking some add-on's from working what can I do? 
A. If you have BT as your internet supplier you will need to disable parental control or you will be limited to what you can watch. Information how to do it is  HERE
Also after you have followed the above information to disable the parental controls online with BT you must also open a browser on your Smart TV box when you first install it and go to a web site E.g. news and your HomeHub will ask again about parental controls please click NO as per this video  HERE  or BT SMART SETUP - go to your router ip on a pc address should be Navigate to advance settings at the top enter password press enter (password should be on the card that came with router) Click continue to advanced settings, click on home network tab, then click on smart setup tab, Click No and apply setting. 

Q. My internet supplier Sky seem to be blocking some add-on's from working what can I do?
A. If you have Sky as your internet supplier you will need to disable your Sky Shield. Information how to do it is  HERE

Q. My internet supplier EE seem to be blocking some add-on's from working what can I do?
A. If you have EE as your internet supplier you will first need to disable your Orange Safeguard. Information can be found  HERE

Q. My internet supplier TalkTalk seem to be blocking some add-on's from working what can I do?
A. If you have TalkTalk as your internet supplier you will first need to disable yourHome safe secuirty. Information can be found  HERE

Kodi Not Starting Correctly

Q. I think my box is faulty... It's not opening the KODI App, Or its taking lots of clicks on the KODI icon before it opens, Or its opening to a black screen and crashing back to my android screen. Or some of my Android apps are not working there crashing when i try to open them.
A. This is usually caused by not exiting from KODI correctly. There are lots of services running in the background and by not exiting correctly you can and will corrupt your file system. The best method of exiting KODI is to use the power icon within KODI (usually sited bottom left of screen on KODI home page, this can vary however depending on which skin is being used)

Adding More Addons to KODI

KODI addons are packages (little internal programs) that add features to KODI. Online these addons are contained within repositories (REPOS). All of the systems that I sell contain a number of the popular repos which makes adding additional addons easy.

You may want to scrap your existing kodi setup and install a new setup, especially if you find that a larger numvber of addons are no longer working. I'd suggest a build such as spinztv , animal or beast .
Many kodi builds exist, and the good thing about them is that they are quick to install, and if its not to your liking you can install another!!

Current KODI Version

The current version of KODI is available for download from This is the latest stable version, Some sellers will have you believe that the reason they are selling with older versions of KODI is because the latest version is not stable. This is not correct, the reason why some sellers sell with old versions of KODI is because that is what they have been sent from China and that is what they are going to sell!!


Check, Download & Update KODI 

The easiest way to check your current version of KODI compared to the latest version and then decide if you wish to update is to use an App.  The App "XBMC Updater for Android" is available from HERE


The easiest way to install a fully working kodi system is to install someones else's build, this usually automatically installs most of the addons that you want and is a great base from which to start, cutting out so much of the hard work finding repos and installing addons individually, the downside is that the addons can include some you wouldn't want,


Install Fusion Build.... It has everything that you need

Start Kodi
Select SYSTEM > File Manager
Select Add Source
Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source & type fusion
Select OK
Go back to your Home Screen
Select Add-Ons
Select Install from zip file
Select fusion
Select start here
Select Install Config Wizard
The config wizard program addon will install, it may take a few minutes.
Return to the main kodi menu using the return button on the remote.
Select Programs
Select  Config Wizard
Select Android
Allow the settings to overwrite and sit back whilst the addons are all installed

What others have asked

Tv programs/movies not streaming 
Hi David, I'm having problems trying to play movies and Tv Programmes on Kodi/Xbmc on my android box, as 75% of them won't stream. Could you tell me if the settings need to be adjusted? Or do I need to update it? If that is the case, could you tell me how it can be done? As I can't seem to find a way how to do it. Cheers mate All the best Steve

Hello Steve,
you are probably using genesis to stream, genesis was deserted by its developers when they created exodus. the install for exodu is easy and can be found here:-- /
If you are still on kodi 15.2 or lower I'd wait for 16.1 before bothering to update, you can use the app from my site or go to and select the android arm version, download and install. your current settings will be moved to the new version
Hope that helps


hi my fims keep buffering how can i stop this thanks

Hello John,
Buffering can be caused by a number of different things. Most people believe it is to do with there broadband speed however usually it isn't.
1) If you are using autoplay option within an addon, don't. turn autoplay off, you can do this usually by going into system, addons, video addons, select the addon you are using and go to the configure option
2) Whilst HD movies exist depending on which unit you have will depend on the ability to stream and decode an HD movie, try the SD alternative
3) Never use the top choice that is offered, use one lower down the rankings then you spread the load on the various servers
4)try connecting with an ethernet cable rather than using wifi, often you may have superb broadband service but you unit will be tucked away in a corner with a lot of other electronics , which is not the best place to get a good wifi service
5)Use videomix and showbox alternatives to kodi which removes the kodi overhead