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Online Updates

Unit Updates

For just £1/£2 a week I will update your Kodi version and install the addons that I currently install on all my new units.
I can either do this using the teamviewer apps ONLINE (quick support and remote control) £2 week, limited to a maximum of one update a week, or if this is not possible then you can return your unit to me (OFFLINE) , £1 a week, for updating together with a return paid envelope. Your unit will be returned, usually the same day, fully updated with the latest version of kodi that is stable for your unit.
Never have a kodi that is not working again!!!
The Teamviewer apps can be downloaded from the teamviewer site or should be available from here and here

One is the Teamviewer app and the other is the quicksupport app. Both need to be installed on your unit to allow me access to do any updates. Alternatively you can go to the teamviewer site and download the appropriate apps from there.

Teamviewer will give you a 9 digit code which I require to start the linking process, you then need to agree to me accessing and remotely controlling your unit. For those worried that I could access at any time, that is not possible UNLESS you answer the onscreen questions, otherwise access is not allowed.

The teamviewer site can be found here:- Teamviewer