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Unit Updates

Perhaps you are feeling like you want to update your own unit. Its not difficult and you can always ask for assistance if you get into difficulties.
Firstly update your version of kodi. If you have an android unit then this is easy, if its an OpenELEC based unit then its more difficult.
Go to the website and download the latest version of kodi for your unit, this should normally be the "arm" version under the android section
Once the latest version of kodi has been installed then the easiest way of setting up your unit quickly iand what provides a good base for future additional addons is to install a "build". There are a large number of builds available and most of them are FREE.
Have a look here;-

Which shows how to install the Ares Wizard, from which it is easy to install a large number of different builds and find one that suits you.
​Not all builds are good or friendly though,so be warned!!

Alternatively, Why not try updating your unit youreslf, Easy instructions are available here

Install the kodi fusion build, Easy to install and easy to update whenever you want