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About Us
From RPi
Many people ask how I started ?

The simple answer is that I bought a RaspberryPi unit to play with and suddenly found that it could use XBMC (now KODI) to play Movies, TV Series, LiveTV, Sports, Adult content , Music, Radio stations as well as be a mini PC as well offering internet browser functions, office essentials and thousands of other apps. All displayed on my large TV at a fraction of the cost of connecting my PC to the TV  and not being able to work and play at the same time

The Raspberry Pi however didn't have the "spouse acceptance factor" with multiple wires, keyboard, mouse, SD cards hanging around the TV.
The solution get rid of the Raspberry Pi and purchase an MX Android unit which is self contained, easy to load and easy to operate. It doesn't look out of place next to the TV, playstation, xbox or wii

Units can always be collected from me if you are local. Know who and where you are buying from.
Now I import the units and update upon arrival so that each unit has the latest available version of Kodi and the latest updates to the addons. Not a kodi version from 6 or 9 months ago with old addons which take forever to update when you start your un it up
If you want an untouched unit, just let me know.

Perhaps you have a unit that just needs to be updated or one that is stuck on the initial screen. Just let me know